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Small business fitness refers to a small business's health, resilience, and overall well-being. It encompasses various aspects of the business's operations, including its financial stability, operational efficiency, market competitiveness, and ability to adapt to changing circumstances. Just as individuals prioritize physical fitness to maintain health and vitality, small business owners must ensure that their ventures are "fit" to thrive in the dynamic business environment.

We realize that sometimes new thoughts and ideas can establish frameworks that can lead to even better ideas you can customize for your particular business situation. Organizations are living organisms, which means that they need nourishment. It requires a solid system to feed, grow, and sustain. Our Small Business Fitness Center is an opportunity to start or keep building your business muscles. If you are disciplined and are a life-long learner this is the fitness center for you. Click the Link Small Business Fitness Membership

We invite you to also dive into our many published digital magazines to access loads of articles that support small business fitness. Tune in to Coach Margaret Jackson's Business on the Edge broadcast radio show on Thursdays, AM 1220 KDOW prime time 2p-3p PST, Silicon Valley's #1 Small Business radio personality.


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