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The Small Business Concierge Communications & Digital Media's flagship product is our Small Business Concierge Digital Magazine. We have been successfully publishing our magazine kicked off during Small Business Week 2018. We are here to support small businesses in getting the word out around your community, nation, and the globe. We have pivoted our services to meet your digital brand awareness and development needs. All small businesses must use content marketing to stay connected to their customers, reach new customers, and establish brand recognition and presence.


  • We support advantage members by providing access to mass-media audiences. Advantage Members provide their ad insertion based on their membership choice. It is approved by the publisher and editor-in-chief to promote your products and services.
  • We collaborate with subject-matter experts that operate small businesses that share their insights in our articles.
  • We collaborate with industry leaders that support small businesses with their, consulting services, business development tools, and applications.
  • We support women in business, professional careers, and their long-term aspirations and goals.
  • The Advantage Guide provides a 5 line listing that includes company name, keyword description, name & title, city & state, and preferred website hyperlink. Members-only can post their Upcoming Events in the magazine calendar at no additional cost.
  • The Advantage Guide Directory is a warm leads list. Network with fellow members, build relationships, collaborate and create bigger deals that are mutually beneficial.
  • What's NEW! We are launching our version of a Small Business Concierge Digital Catalog - ON-DEMAND purchasing linked to your product pages. Your advertisement can include dynamic media to give your company that extra BOOST! We have a special offer on our Indiegogo Campaign page. Promote Your Business Today 

Please do not spam Advantage Guide members, it is not allowed.

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It will take 3-5 business days to process your order and publish your Advantage Guide digital listing inside the magazine. All Indiegogo Crowdfunding participants will be processed at the close of the campaign and published within 25-30 days of the campaign end date. 

Upcoming Event Calendar

Request to post your upcoming event in the Small Business Concierge Digital Magazine. Advantage Member's upcoming event posts are FREE. If you are not an Advantage Member, a nominal fee is accessed to post your upcoming event, submit your request, and a member of our team will contact you.
Promote your events, sales specials, holiday special events, ZOOMINARS, Black Friday, Shop Small, and much more...


Be creative on your keywords and work your listing, advertising, and article. Be proactive in driving traffic to your Advantage Guide content to generate new opportunities.

Ask us how you may write an expert article at no additional cost.

Women In Business Concierge

$30.99 per month

USD month (billed monthly) 12 Month Membership

Support Women In Business

  • Advantage Concierge Membership
  • 1/4 Page Full-Color Ad (change quarterly)
  • Advantage Guide Listing
  • FREE Upcoming Calendar Event/Promotions
  • Advantage Membership Portal Access
Ads provided by the customer
Approved by Publisher & Editor in Chief

Women In Business Magazine Advertising Membership

Small Biz Corporate Concierge

$59.99 per month

USD month (billed monthly) 12 Month
  • Advantage Concierge Membership
  • Full-Page Color Ad (change monthly, bi-monthly, or quarterly)
  • Advantage Guide Listing
  • FREE Upcoming Calendar Event/Promotions
  • Advantage Membership Portal Access
Ads provided by the customer
Approved by Publisher & Editor in Chief

Small Business Corporate Magazine Advertising Membership

Collegiate Entrepreneurship Society


USD (on-demand monthly) Networking & Coaching

Collegiate Entrepreneurship Society (Sponsor an AEP)
Aspiring Entrepreneurship Program (AEP)

  • Monthly ZOOM Networking & Coaching
  • College Age Student Entrepreneurs Free to Attend
  • College & University Partnerships & Resources
  • Aspiring Entrepreneurship Program (AEP)  6-week Business Planning
  • Protégé Support
  • AEP Referral to Local Small Business Development Center
  • Nationwide Collegiate Society Networking & Coaching
  • Collegiate Advantage Members FREE Register in Portal

3P Nexus Women's Community


USD (on-demand monthly) 3-Power Women Power Secrets Power Purpose

Women In Business Community Network

  • Monthly ZOOM Networking & Coaching
  • Advantage Concierge WIB Members FREE to Attend
  • WIB Resources & Guests Presenters
  • 3P Networking & Relationship Building
  • Breakout Sessions to Promote your business products/services
  • Nationwide Networking & Coaching
  • Advantage Members Discounted Purchase in Portal