Indirect Marketing is a term that most micro-businesses and small businesses are not intimately familiar with or understand. Indirect Marketing is a marketing tool that helps a small business or any business build its brand and build new customer trust. It is not a microwave that plays a short game. Indirect Marketing is a long game. Marketing, in general, is the nutrition for your business to live and grow. Indirect and Direct marketing is not something that a company ever stops doing. Marketing does not stop because sales are great! Marketing is the air a company breathes. Inexperienced businesses do not value indirect or direct marketing. Yet, they hope that their free social media posts will make them a million dollars. Impossible. In 2018, Apple spent 1.8 Billion dollars on marketing. If Apple has to pay, it is safe to say all businesses have to spend marketing dollars.

We help you with specific indirect marketing products and services such as content marketing and on-air nationwide & worldwide interviews. We will help educate you, so you do not invest your marketing dollars without learning how your business can best maximize the dollars spent to build brand trust.

Due to COVID-19 some of our product and service prices have been lowered to support micro-businesses and small businesses. 


*Radio On-Air Interview - AM 1220 KDOW Business & Finance & iHeart Satellite Radio 

On-Air with Business Coach Margaret Jackson, on #1 Small Business & Finance Radio Personality
15-Minute Interview Option - $249 (Originally $499.00) includes a digital copy of the show
30-Minute Interview Option - $499 (Originally $999.00) includes a digital copy of the show
Entire Show Option - $999 (Originally $1,999.00) includes a digital copy of the show, 1/2 page ad space in the SBC Magazine, and e-tear link
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*LIVE Radio Ads and Segment Sponsorships
First come first serve monthly radio show advertising
Monthly Schedule:  Money 2.0 Business On the Edge 

Concierge Advantage Members: No charge for 3-15 minute interview (booked at Margaret Jackson's discretion)

Segment 1 Sponsorship - $149 (Originally $349.00) - 1 Available
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Segments 2, 3, 5 LIVE Ad (15 seconds) - $24.99 per ad  (Originally $50.00) - 3 Available

Segment 4 Sponsorship - $124 (Originally $249.00) - 1 Available

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*Digital Magazine Ad
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*Stand Alone "One Sheet" on the SBC Magazine Platform
The "One-Sheet" is published on our platform for the Small Business Concierge Magazine. An e-tear is provided to share with your network.
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