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The Bottom-Line

Through the years, researchers and practitioners have studied the word value.  Each perspective of value was rooted within a specific study of business and management.  In this third decade of the 21st Century, value clearly means different things to these distinct groups.

It is worthwhile to look at the key topics of business with these different viewpoints.  As entrepreneurs. it may be of great significance to understand value from the perspective of the organization, consumer, manager, investor, and tertiary stakeholders.  For instance, for green organizations exploring value using a corporate social responsibility (CSR) lens may provide insight that if exploited may enable leaders to deliver to investors and other stakeholders more earnings than ever.

The “Bottom-Line” will review ideas, explore the historical underpinnings of value, and seek to identify what the future holds.  For certain, there are more than one way to achieve greatness.  We will make a best effort to provoke our readers to critically think and if worthwhile act on these ideas to prove the value of these concepts.