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Contributor Guidelines

Small Business Concierge (SBC) Contributor Guidelines

All Contributors must be an Advantage Member Small Business Concierge and committed to a minimum of two magazine quarters to contribute unless it is a sponsored article request. Contributing is additional exposure for the Small Business Concierge to build, expand, and leverage their company's brand. A Small Business Concierge must be invited to participate as a non-sponsored contributor to the magazine. If you are invited to contribute, we do not allow any type of advertising or promotions inside articles, unless they are sponsored articles by your company to engage prospective customers at the end of the article. Otherwise, advertising and promotion are separate opportunities, should you be interested in these products, please contact our office at

We will not tolerate plagiarism. If a Contributor plagiarizes in whole or in-part an article, we will expel them from contributing in any future editions. We are a trusted brand; please do not put our brand at risk. Cite your work.

Use the  American Psychological Association  for reference.

Who writes for the SBC Magazine?

Contributing writers must be an expert professional in their field of discipline. Contributors must adhere to our magazine’s goal. It is to educate and equip today’s small business owner with relevant tools that encourage long-term business success. Please examine and research each article type they are our keys to success.

Feature & Profile Articles: SBC Magazine Writers - Staff Contributors ONLY

Average word count:1500-2500 words

Silicon Valley SNUG

Average word count: 200-350 words (Approval is required/No Guarantee)

This is the “get-to-know” Silicon Valley small businesses sprinkled throughout the magazine. Short stories and snapshots about the small businesses that you didn’t know existed in Silicon Valley.

How To...

Average word count: 300 words (Approval is required/No Guarantee)

Getting your mind on the fun stuff! It is your time to retreat and breathe. This section is a free-for-all. Submit 300 words or less on how-to’s that are step-by-step instructions that can be business related or just on your favorite retreat activity. All how-to articles must be evergreen.

Example: Making mini gift bags for a cost-efficient giveaway for your next networking event.

Step 1:Buy materials at your local dollar store (bags, candy, paper, thin ribbon, stuffing…etc.)

Step 2:Buy small S.W.A.G.s for the key gift, doesn’t have to be expensive. You may already have it. Please don’t give away any more cups or mugs. Our cabinets are full of them.

Step 3:Set up and organize your materials in your family room and watch your favorite movie with your kids, significant other, or yourself and start stuffing those bags.

Step 4:Don’t forget to add your business card and a cool coupon

Step 5:Tie the bag handles together with the ribbon and curl

Step 6:Finally, Enjoy your favorite beverage as a reward for doing such a great job!

Business Expert Concierges Non - Sponsored Articles

Average word count: 400-850 words (includes a character space count)

Concierge expert articles are written from the expert's professional discipline. Concierge writers are by invitation only. Please Do Not Submit Articles unless invited to submit. (Approval is required/No Guarantee)

Business Expert Concierges Sponsored Articles

Average word count: 850-1200 words (includes a character space count)

Concierge expert articles are written from the expert's professional discipline, products, services, and company value. Sponsored articles are not ads but can self-promote and educate the audience on company, success stories, products, and services. All articles are subject to review and approval by the SBC publisher and editor-in-chief.