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Margaret Jackson

Margaret Jackson is a respected Bay Area leader Small Business Radio Personality, Small Business Magazine Publisher, and the Alameda County Small Business Development Center's former Director. Jackson is Silicon Valley's top small business radio personality on AM 1220 KDOW Business & Finance radio broadcasting to more than 9.146+ million contour listeners covering the nine Bay Area counties that are now airing on iHeart Radio. Margaret Jackson is the CEO/President of the Small Business Concierge Communications & Digital Media corporation. She has more than 34 years as a business professional. Margaret Jackson is a Bay Area/Silicon Valley, sought-after public figure, and speaker. She publishes the Small Business Concierge Digital Magazine (global reach). Margaret Jackson is a highly experienced and skilled marketing communications professional, public relations advisor, strategist, and adept in small business development coaching/consulting. She was named as one of the 100 Silicon Valley Women of Influence for 2020. Jackson was inducted into the National Society of Leadership and Success March 2021.

Jesse Lee

I am Jesse L. Lee, Jr., B.A., M.B.A., a San Francisco Bay Area native. I am a Vietnam Era veteran and a life-long learner. I am also a people person who enjoys all that life has to offer, including but not limited to reading, thinking, writing, sharing, learning, growing, travel, gourmet food, entertainment, and clean living. I eagerly jump into left-and-right brain activities. I look forward as far as I can imagine and backward to learn from history. I delight in encouraging everyone who crosses my path to be confident in their gifts and talents, excel, and grow to their fullest potential. I have many years of experience working in micro, small, medium size, and corporate conglomerates.

We work with young freelance artists and designers. Often, they are overlooked for the big jobs! Not with us. We believe that they are the next generation of creative leaders. We pay them competitive rates, garner their professional feedback, we challenge them to critically consider the goals of our projects, giving them opportunities to grow professionally in a team-oriented virtual environment.

Alvie Jackson

Concierge Creative Director & Storyboard Artist/Illustrator


Alvie J. - Storyboard Artist and Illustrator - Upwork Freelancer from San Jose, United States

Julio Pardo

Chief Concierge Digital Magazine & Catalog Designer