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Tip #1 How to Leverage Your Concierge Advantage Listing

Learning how to take advantage of your marketing placement are proactive choices. We do not want you to secure your Advantage Membership Listing and forget about it and hope that your ship will miraculously come in. Marketing is not a magic trick it is methodical and intentional practices to reach your pre-determined business goals.

1. Set up a time 15m-30m talk with your Advantage Account Executive to discuss strategies for reaching your business goals.
2. Building your brand image is being consistent, frequent, and having longevity on the marketing platforms that you have chosen.

3. Use your social platforms to give an incentive to prospects to click your SBC unique link to have an opportunity to pitch your product and services to them. Leverage the Small Business Concierge Magazine Brand. The State of California Department of General Services says, “This magazine is a win for the State of California!” Is the state saying that about your brand? No. Use our brand to build your brand.

4. If you have training classes, events, webinars and the like submit your flyers to us at

5. Ask how you can be a Contributor or a long-term Contributor.

Building your brand requires your participation. Growing your business requires your consistency, frequency, and longevity in keeping your marketing, advertising and promoting on a platform that reaches mass-media audiences.