Get Your Skin In the Game!

Get your skin in the game! The origins of the phrase some think it is from “William Shakespeare’s The Merchant of Venice, in which the antagonist, Shylock, stipulates that the protagonist, Antonio, must promise a pound of his, own, flesh as collateral, to be exacted by Shylock in the event that Antonio’s friend Bassanio defaults on the loan to which Antonio is guarantor. (Wikipedia)”

Whether this is true or not, I don’t know? What I do know that one’s skin must invest in their development and growth for their long-term business success. If I earned a dollar for each person that wanted me to invest in them, over the years, using my expertise and resources without their committed investment, I would be a multi-millionaire several times over. I marvel at the idea that business owners think that they can finagle business growth without a serious investment of their, own, skin. If your product or service is as fantastic as you believe that it is, INVEST your skin in it! Don’t expect someone else to take the risks that you should be taking.

I have high regard for those that INVEST with their hurting capital, time, energy, and dig in to push their businesses forward. I recently engaged such a guy, and because he came to me not with his hand out but ready to invest, he landed on the cover of the SBC Digital Magazine. Now, he has picked up a major Silicon Valley Executive that I introduced him to, and he was able to win a significant deal with them to work together to the tune of approximately 10k much more than his initial investment. Boys and Girls, I have news for you, this is the name of the game. I am currently lining up more of my network affiliates and business professionals to meet him. He put his skin in the game. He believes in his expertise, so he invested in himself, business, and professional know-how. He has been on AM 1220 KDOW Business & Finance radio, the #1 business and finance content network provider in the Nation, a Wall Street Affiliated network.

He put his skin in the game, and it paid off, faster than he expected. Now, that is not always the case, a fast-track payoff the goal is a long-term business success track, not one hit wonders. The way to ensure the long-term successes is long-term investment decisions that keep your skin in the game. We are, now, planning so much more to encourage his long-term business growth. Strategic collaboration leads to win-win deals. If you can do this type of deal, you will have many successful deals over the long-haul of your entrepreneurship journey. Get Your Skin in the Game!

Welcome Small Business Owners to 2019!

Are you kicking off the New Year strong? Here are my three keys for the small business owner to growing and sustaining your business in 2019.

1. Methodical – be methodical and purposeful in all that you attempt to do. Make sure that you think it through. If you’re doing this, you realize that you don’t have much time 2019 is already over.
2. Strategic – be strategic that every step that you take has a strategic outcome and result. Name it and track it. What are you accomplishing?
3. Tactical – be tactical you have to be on the offense and the defense, and you have to learn which to be at any given time. Building a business is a fight, and you have those that are for you and those that are not for you but are against you. Know the difference.
Focus, Focus, Focus!

Tip #2 Leverage: Marketing Is Not a Magic Trick

You have had a ridiculous amount of time to read my first BLOG. If you are a Concierge Advantage Member, you should have read it the first week if you are serious about success on your SBC investment. I stated in my last and first BLOG that marketing is not a magic trick. The truth is that it’s true, marketing is not a magic trick or a short-term solution. It is a long-term and on-going marketing reality for every business large, medium, small, and micro. Building the brand awareness of your business takes time, and it takes a long time. Inconsistency on market positioning with your business, products, and services is the kiss of death for any business seeking long-term sustainability.

Marketing is all about communicating to your target audience that conveys clear messaging about your products, services, and experiences. Do you want customers to buy from you more consistently? Yes. Why then do you complain about investing in marketing, advertising, and promoting your business? If I gave you unlimited free radio airtime and full-page ad space in the SBC Digital Magazine would you take it? If your answer was –yes, without a thought of investing your own money, then that should be a red flag. Do you prefer someone else to carry your business marketing and promotional risk? Smart investors do not invest in business relationships that are not being methodically eager to take their, own, business risks to champion their company. Real business owners risk. They are on a path to convince the world that they have the best product and willing to invest in the communication to articulate it to a global market. Customers know what you tell them and what they don’t know is what they don’t know about your product. Stop, uprooting the position of your marketing message. As if you’re going to hit the Motherlode, and then find out that it didn’t work there either. Marketing is like the stock market, you buy your market position, hold, and work it. When you hold in the right places, it develops your long-term brand presence. The market learns where and how to find your product, service, and anticipated experience.

I am going into my 8th radio season as a radio personality on AM 1220 KDOW; if I hopped around from radio station to radio station, I would confuse my current audience on how to find me. I leverage AM 1220 KDOW the #1 Business and Finance content provider in the Nation a Wall Street Affiliated Network to build my brand image. I market on the radio, the magazine, social spaces that are important with a consistent message. What do I do? I stay put; as a result, I continue to build, develop, and expose a following loyal audience to learn more and more about Business On the Edge, Incorporated, the Small Business Concierge Digital Magazine, Radio Personality, Speaker, Business, Professional and Executive Coach. You need at least twelve to eighteen contacts with a prospective customer to think about doing business with you which means leveraging your marketing touch points and being consistent with your positioning, so your target audience can locate your business when they are ready to buy.

Marketing is not a magic trick it is hard work, patience, investing, timing, and then investing more time, patience, financial resources, and hard work. Watch for the early stage results comments like, “I read your article in the Small Business Concierge Magazine”, fan likes on social media that acknowledges your article or being on the radio. Engage the audience that is connecting. It is a brick by brick and step by step experience, not a microwave result. Add special offers to your website for new customers and for capturing clicks from the magazine or other market placements to track your data analytics. If you want to build a business system, then embrace marketing your business on purpose.

Tip #1 How to Leverage Your Concierge Advantage Listing

Learning how to take advantage of your marketing placement are proactive choices. We do not want you to secure your Advantage Membership Listing and forget about it and hope that your ship will miraculously come in. Marketing is not a magic trick it is methodical and intentional practices to reach your pre-determined business goals.

1. Set up a time 15m-30m talk with your Advantage Account Executive to discuss strategies for reaching your business goals.
2. Building your brand image is being consistent, frequent, and having longevity on the marketing platforms that you have chosen.

3. Use your social platforms to give an incentive to prospects to click your SBC unique link to have an opportunity to pitch your product and services to them. Leverage the Small Business Concierge Magazine Brand. The State of California Department of General Services says, “This magazine is a win for the State of California!” Is the state saying that about your brand? No. Use our brand to build your brand.

4. If you have training classes, events, webinars and the like submit your flyers to us at

5. Ask how you can be a Contributor or a long-term Contributor.

Building your brand requires your participation. Growing your business requires your consistency, frequency, and longevity in keeping your marketing, advertising and promoting on a platform that reaches mass-media audiences.