All of our Concierges have an opportunity to earn a referral fee of 15%.  Our way of giving back and supporting your
business is through our Affiliate Marketing program. We will give your referral the discounted rate of $90.00 per quarter
to become a Small Business Concierge. If they sign-up for all four quarters and pay for all four quarters at the time of sign-up, your business will earn 15% of that deal. Remember, they have to sign up for all four quarters and secure all four
quarters at the initial sign-up process. We will send you a 15% affiliated marketing fee to your PayPal account. We
recommend that you share our YouTube video below with your network.  It is that easy. You don’t have to hard pitch the magazine, just share our YouTube video with your small business network. Please notify us of your prospective network
referrals. We want to make sure that you get your 15%. 

If ten business referrals sign-up during that month, your business will be sent $540.00 and placed in our monthly
marketing raffle drawing.

Why are we doing this? Great question.  Margaret Jackson, Publisher of the Small Business Concierge Magazine, believes
that “We Win Together.”  Her goal is to have 2,000 Concierges in the magazine. If we can reach that goal, with your help,
we can give back $108,000.00 back to small businesses. She understands the ebbs and flows of, struggling, with your
monthly cash flow, so that extra cash from the referrals can come in handy.   

However, if you are not a Concierge and you want to earn extra cash, you can participate by becoming an Affiliate Marketing Contractor. AFCs will receive a 10% affiliate marketing fee for each new customer that signs up with the four quarter listing opportunity. For more information on the Concierge Affiliate Marketing program or the Contractor Affiliate Marketing Program email us at, Affiliate Marketing for our tracking and to secure their Concierge listing.

YouTube Concierge Video

Additional Digital Magazine Experience Perks

  • Don’t forget that you can request posting of your upcoming events in the SBC Upcoming Events section of the magazine.  Your proposed event must be at least four weeks before the proposed posting date. You must be the actual host of the event. 
  • If you would like to be a Contributor, please send an original article for review.  We will notify you if your article is selected for the SBC publication.